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What can our platform do for you?

Our cutting-edge features totally redefine how campaigns are managed and optimized.

Superior campaign reporting

A central dashboard that gives you more actionable data with greater accuracy.

Aggregate data from multiple platforms

Connect all of your tracking platforms and traffic sources in minutes. You can then link your campaigns to seamlessly combine data in reports, manage campaigns, and optimize more effectively.

View combined data in real-time, improve accuracy, and optimize campaigns using additional data from the tracking platform that would otherwise not be known to the traffic source (or vice versa).

For example, you can optimize traffic source placements based on time spent by visitors (obtained from the tracking platform) - a preliminary indicator that would be unknown to the traffic source.

Detailed action logs

View all changes made to your campaigns in both your tracking platforms and traffic sources. You can also test potential changes in "sandbox" mode.

Cross-campaign analysis

Understand the overall performance of items by analyzing the same item - such as landing pages or ads - being used across multiple campaigns.

Automatic change detection

All items in your tracking platforms and traffic sources are monitored. Any external changes are logged, and estimated impacts are calculated.

Unparalleled campaign optimizations

Our proprietary technology optimizes campaigns better than ever thought possible.

Automatically hit your campaign goals

A few seconds is all it takes to specify your campaign goals. Our platform then continuously monitors your campaigns, optimizing them in the most optimal manner possible to achieve your targets.

Campaign "goals" are broad targets that you wish to achieve, void of any superseding manual optimization "rules". For example, you can have our platform broadly optimize your campaigns to 30%+ profit margin - at 5 minute intervals, using the trailing week's data.

Soon, we will automatically optimize your campaigns in the most optimal order, immediately taking into account the estimated impact of executed actions on all subsequent calculations.

Create hierarchical optimization rules

Our platform allows you to create unlimited optimization rules, which trigger based on the conditions you specify.

For example, you can modify shareable whitelists/blacklists, pause/resume items, set bids, or create alerts based on conditions. These conditions cover every possible scenario you can envision - including financial metrics (ie. profit), performance metrics (ie. ad positions or conversions), and even the content of emails received.

You can optinally combine multiple conditions, and even limit each of their assessment to a particular timeframe.

Consider "untracked" events

Assume you add a call center, causing 40% of abandoned carts to turn into sales. You can create an event to consider the uptick immediately.

Automatic "impact" estimates

We proactively apply the estimated impact of optimizations (and detected changes) to subsequent calculations, thus preventing premature actions.

Direction of optimizations

Our platform monitors the direction of previous optimizations (by comparing estimated impacts with the actual data), and alters actions accordingly.

Apply "weights" in calculations

Not all data is created equal. Assign greater weight to more recent data, without having to discard all of your campaign's significant historical data.

"Maximize" goals and rules

Don't just "satisfy" campaign goals and rules. We can intelligently pause items satisfying your targets, if it allows more important items to stay alive.

Re-assess paused items

Our platform can apply the cumulative impact of optimizations to previously paused items, restarting items that would now be satisfying targets.

Effortless campaign management

Increase efficiency, save time and never manually monitor your campaigns again.

Create rules to manage manual tasks

Stop constantly checking your emails and campaigns, by creating non-optimization rules that continuously monitor for specified conditions - and execute appropriate actions whenever they occur.

In less than a minute - you can create rules to automatically pause/resume campaigns during certain hours of the day, pause offers when a client's daily conversion threshold is reached, resume the offer again when the limit resets at midnight, switch an offer depending on the contents of a client email received, and literally anything else that you manually do.

Manage all campaigns from one dashboard

Managing campaigns across multiple tracking platforms and traffic sources can be exhausting, especially with widely different user interfaces. Now you can view all of your reports and entirely manage your campaigns from a single, familiar dashboard.

Associating your tracking platform and traffic source campaigns allows you to view the most comprehensive aggregated performance reports at a glance. You can then make adjustments to your campaigns directly in our platform, which are immediately relayed to the relevant platforms.

Alerts and notifications

Trigger email alerts or external APIs for critical events - such as when conversion rates drop below a certain percentage in the previous hour.

Shared whitelists/blacklists

Immediately blacklist placements on multiple campaigns, by adding them manually (or through automated rules) to shared lists.

Bulk campaign creation

Don't waste hours creating and submitting campaigns. Duplicate existing campaigns or create mass ad variations with the click of a button.

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